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giovedì 23 maggio 2013



Dear Brothers/Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Greetings to you and your family in the liberated name of our lord and
Savior Jesus. I am Sister Ruth Put, your Christian Sister and a Prisoner of
Jesus patiently enduring the suffering that comes to those who belongs to
His kingdom here at Kano State Prison (K.S.P),A predominately Islamic area
here in Ore town. My age is 42; I gave my life to Christ in the year of our
Lord 1984.I was happily married with 3 children, before I was arrested on
March 24th 1990 for preaching the word of God in an Islamic Primary school
were I was a Teacher. I have been on awaiting trial here for 15 years
without any bail ,and my family finally abandoned me about 5 years ago. By
the special grace of God I am the Cell Pastor here at female block, Cell #
5. There are currently 62 inmates in this cell; about 50 of us are now
Christians, while only 12 are Muslims and my humble prayer is for God to
touch the lives of the Muslim inmates, I often take the morning devotional
Prayers every morning (6-7:30 am) and I take the Bible study class every
Monday and Friday.

Most of my Christian inmates have so much interest for Gods word and are
always delighted after each Bible studies, and they can hardly wait for
Mondays and Fridays to come, sometimes they request me to have a Bible
discussion class with them on Wednesdays or Thursday. Most of them can read
and write a language called "English" because some were fortunate to acquire
former Education from our Colonial masters who came from England. We are
faced with so much poverty and malnutrition here. Everyday I am under the
pressure of my concern for all my Christian inmates, I have often been
without enough food, shelter or clothing .My major purpose of writing you
this letter is to ask your hands in Prayers, for the lord to Vindicate the
innocent Poor and needy inmates here and to make request for Bibles for my
fellow Christian inmates. We are faced with much poverty and malnutrition
here, most of us are having difficulties with our eyes in reading small
print Bibles because of the problems of poor feeding which result from
malnutrition. In the presence of our lord Jesus, I appeal you send my
Christian inmates Bibles with Large Print Characters, especially King James
Version, New, Used or Cheap ones will be appreciated.

Please remember them in your daily prayers, their names are Mama Joy
Alake,Sister Agnes Ojo, Sister Udi Adeleke, Omo Akim,Sister Gospower
Odiri,Mama Ologho Amadin,Sister D.I Aibge,Sister Patient Ajilo,Sister Mercy
Ehigie,Sister Mary Ehis,Mama Abiodun Duru,Sister Obiora Clara,Sister Uzo
Ayeki,sister Idele Ike, Abiola Deji,Aliz Ojo,Omorowa Ani,Loveth otoro, eliza
aibde,Dorothy wilima,edoret kuly,awe olushola,Dede Akenuwa,wale Oke,Odiri
JoyDanjuma Asoro,Juliet Onoje,Efe Uwonkolo,aGHEDO jENNY,oKES eMILY,Adeloje
clara,Aibde Fema, ejiro marry,Akenzual Ojoli,Fanami Keke,madaline uku,Uzo
Ajelina,Sholla Adeniji,Martha Ikebe,July omorowa, Areso Akino, Emili
Ayo,aHIMO loeth,Aweloji julius,kenedy oduwa, aisokuedo lolo, Eson Akeyelu
yegede glory making a total of 50 Christian inmates in this cell for
continues growth in their Christian Faith. One more thing; the Bible I have
been reading since .I came to into the Cell is now too old, from the book of
Genesis to the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 has pulled off and some pages
in Mark 4 through Luke 12 has turn away. Please I need A Life Application
Study Bible or any Study Bible the lord may lay in your heart for my
in-depth studies of Gods Word, I will also need a reading Glass because of
my poor sight, Please we need you to show us the love of Christ, most
especially now that we are faced with humiliation and intimidation and held
in human bond, Just a word from you now will mean so much in our entire
World, you can write us a letter through the Prison Warfare Department ( ) to acknowledge the recipient of this letter
and ship the Bibles through the secured Prison Postal Address below ,and we
will write a letter of appreciation to you as soon as we receive the Parcel.
Please don’t forget to write my name clearly on the Parcel. I look forward for
a letter from you - because this world is full of discouragements and
Disappointments reading your letters will make things different .As you sow
the seed of the Precious Word of God in our Life, may you reap life eternal
in this world and in the world to come in Jesus Name Amen
Your Sister in Christ,

SISTER Ruth Put,
K.S.P (BLOCK F, C#5)
PO BOX 78,


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